I had a real “Stack-O-Stuff” to get through today, so I felt like I was moving at warp speed as I covered the past weekend in Southern California, and a failed Arminian attempt to refute my criticism of Middle Knowledge from last week’s DL. Then we dealt with Patrick Madrid’s significantly less than “in depth” comments on 2 Timothy 3 and our debate from 1993 on Marcus Grodi’s “Deep in Scripture.” Then I started responding to an article by anti-Trinitarian Anthony Buzzard, when in the middle of reading the article TurretinFan posted a link in channel that caught my eye. He posted a link where “Servetus the Evangelical” responded to some of the brief comments I have made on my blog. The nature of the commentary offered gives you a good insight into the mindset of this individual, and why his long-refuted arguments against the deity of Christ are hardly worthy of re-examination. I then finished up on the Buzzard topic (including noting that Dan Corner wrote an entire article attacking Calvin for Buzzard’s most recent newsletter—and I thought Corner was at least a Trinitarian!) and took one call on the doctrines of grace and one fast call on inerrancy. Quite a range once again!

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