Sorry, had to try to make it rhyme. We had more streaming problems, and in fact, lost the first 30 minutes of the program, started over, and somehow managed to get a lower resolution stream to make it through the YouTube wilderness (we are posting the high quality version however). So what will you find in this two hour program? Well, we have some interaction with a transgender opponent of the faith who, of course, claims to be a Christian (why not?), we have Kyle J. Howard and Ed Stetzer doing their “third way” routine, we have R. Scott Clark sniping at John MacArthur as well. Then we talked about David Wood eating the Qur’an, Muhammad Hijab goading everyone on, and Sam Shamoun challenging Hijab to a fist fight. We then got into the Leighton Flowers analogy of a birthday party as a means of getting around John 6:44, and provided numerous reasons for rejecting this attempted work-around. We really ran the gamut today! A little something for everyone!


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