Started out the program today with a little history and a tribute to Jerald and Sandra Tanner. Felt it was important to discuss weighty, eternal things before being dragged down into the mire of the silliness that has become trying to deal with the situation at Liberty. But, starting about twenty or twenty five minutes in, I recounted what has happened over the past few months, and most specifically, the past few days, wherein the agreement reached between the two sides over the past few months was thrown out the window unilaterally, the Caners were given first and last word, etc. As of this writing, we still have heard absolutely nothing from the Caners. We have tried making phone calls. Finally we got hold of Ergun Caner’s chief of staff. He indicated that Ergun is on a flight right now and hence cannot be contacted, but he promised, sincerely, to get hold of him the moment he touches down. And so we wait for a little while.

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