Jumba/Mega? Well, it wasn’t 90 minutes, and it wasn’t 120 minutes, it was…105 minutes. So, somewhere in between I guess. And even with that, I didn’t get back to Bashir Vania or Yusuf Ismail, so, we are planning on an early afternoon DL tomorrow to catch up! I started off replying to at least the beginning of Anthony Buzzard’s response to my video, and then spent some time on some new movie I heard about today, A Polite Bribe, which re-treads the old, worn out liberal tripe about Paul and James and the like (just like Reza Aslan). That took longer than I expected, so once we finally got to the Radio Free Geneva part, I only got to start a brief response to Jordan Cooper on 1 Timothy 2:4. I wanted to start looking at Jerry Walls’ materials, but alas…next time, I guess. Then Mr. Cooper called in, and was given a good solid 20 minutes of airtime (evidently, from his tweets, not sufficient for him!) during which we discussed his comments. Then we simply ran out of time. Should be something for almost everyone in this program, that’s for sure!

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