Wow, well, what do you do when you start the program and your microphone doesn’t work? Well, in the radio world, you panic, and play music, and run commercials, and stuff like that. When you are doing a webcast you go, “Woops, folks, hold on, let’s try this again.” And then you play around with your connections, discover that the phantom power has failed on channel 1, move your microphone somewhere else, check to make sure it works, and fire her up again, just about five minutes late. Easy!

So I start off on the Marty Minto situation, and yes, I started preaching about the gospel being thrown out again, and how I saw books on John Paul II on sale at the register at Berean today, and other related things, and then the calls came in. One fairly long call with a Seventh Day Adventist that is very educational, then shorter calls thereafter, all good.

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