Today I played portions of and responded to, one of the most amazing “soft sells” of Mormonism I have ever heard coming from a professing Latter-day Saint.  On the Issues Etc. program of November 15, 2013, the president of, Scott Gordon, had a discussion with the host on the subject of Mormonism.  It was, to put it mildly, an incredibly dishonest rewriting of LDS history and doctrine.  Simply shocking.  I do not know how any knowledgable Mormon could listen to it without bursting out laughing at points, especially when, in narrating the First Vision, this gentleman somehow managed to not once mention the existence of two embodied Personages, but instead insisted that the greatest thing learned by Joseph Smith in this vision was that his sins were forgiven!  Then history was rewritten as to the context of the alleged vision, etc.  It was truly amazing, just as it was amazing to hear the King Follett Discourse reduced to a mere “statement” by Smith, when anyone knowledgeable about Mormonism knows the KFD is the single most often cited statement by Smith in all the writings of the General Authorities of LDS Church for at least 150 years!  Just astounding the misdirection and spin.

Here is the YouTube link:


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