This picture appears on Dr. Caner’s personal website. I just hope he wasn’t preaching against the freedom of God in salvation when this shot was taken. Check out that background! OK, I would like to officially concede all issues regarding leather jackets, cool beanies, cool microphones, and PowerPoint slides promoting faces and names, to Dr. Caner. I am truly out of my league here. Best I can do is a kilt and a Claymore. No contest.
   But on a serious note, today’s Dividing Line will be one you will want to catch live, or in the archive as soon as it is up if the 7pm EDT time slot doesn’t work for you. I will be going fifteen minutes longer so as to provide a little more time to cover the entire sermon (if needed), and skipping any breaks. My assumption is I will start preaching myself, so I do not know if we will have time for calls or not (I sort of doubt it), but obviously, if we need to, we can fit in all callers on Tuesday.
   Update: Well, went 25 minutes longer than normal! What I didn’t mention on the program (well, briefly over the music at the end) was that the air conditioning guys showed up right as I was starting. So you’ve got guys tromping around on the roof, the air kicks on, kicks off…once it kicks on without cooling, but whoever is working on the thing is smoking a cigarette right next to the fan, so I’m trying to focus on what I’m doing and I’m getting Marlboroed to death (I detest cigarette smoke). Eventually it kicks on full bore. Now, of course, I’m dressed to survive heat, not a freshly fired up AC unit, so I’m becoming a snow man in there by the time Rich decided to turn it up a bit! Ah, the joys of new/old offices. Anyway, here is the program.

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