We made both our big announcements today, filling folks in on the upcoming debate with Shabir Ally in May at Biola (date and specific thesis under discussion at the moment) and then spending a good bit of time laying out the November conference, cruise, and debate (see the information in the right hand column). Then we finally got around to ending the suspense and announcing that I will be debating the issue of homosexuality with the retired bishop of Newark in the Episcopalian Church, John Shelby Spong. This should be a very interesting debate, for the obvious reason that we have both written books on the subject, and this time, I expect my opponent will take the time to read what I’ve written (unlike Barry Lynn), and I can assure you, I’ve already obtained his materials on the subject. So the cross-examination should be in-depth and to the point.
After making the announcement I moved on to deal some more with Bart Ehrman’s NPR program. Here’s today’s DL.

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