Well, I had been told “Brother Jack” was calling in today, but alas—the phones were silent. But that didn’t keep me from spending 100 minutes on the topic, playing, and responding to, the entirety of this “sermon” that is founded upon a dogmatic dedication to 1) a hatred of the truths of the doctrines of grace, and 2) the denial that God has any purpose to produce a holy people united to Jesus Christ. If you want to see how perverted a view the Wilkins/Chay type of “no repentance in salvation” kind of teaching can produce, well, “Brother Jack” gives you quite the view.

Also, I forgot to blog last Thursday’s program (since I was traveling and, evidently, I am the only one with access to the blog! < g >). We had an important discussion of the recent study showing that “Protestants” are now less than 50% of the US population, and I discussed how the “Nones” are now 20%, and what this means for evangelism and apologetics. Then we went back to Paul Williams’ comments, almost finishing off his opening statement.

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