So we webcast on two platforms now: YouTube and Odysee. We have freedom to talk about vaccines, Covid, mandates, and the outrageous behavior of the left, while on Odysee, but not on YouTube, which censors anyone who would talk about those things from the “wrong” viewpoint. This means I no longer really have the freedom to do a few stories on this topic, then do a Bible study on another issues, all in the same program. Instead, I have begun to save up articles and issues and have to roll them all into one program, like today. So we revisited the past week’s worth of craziness, from Novak Djokovic and his horrific mistreatment by the thuggish tyrants of the Australian regime, to new data on the now utterly worthless vaccines, to the open letter from the Israeli immunologist basically saying, “We told you so—when will you finally admit the failure of your approach?” Next program we will go back to primarily theological topics, start piling up the others, etc. Enjoy!


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