Tomorrow we will move the DL from 2pm EDT to 7pm EDT. I’m heading to Tampa on Wednesday, speaking Thursday and Friday in Brandon, flying red-eye back, and then flying to Southern California for a big Reformed Baptist gathering on the Lord’s Day in celebration of the Reformation. I’ll be speaking about six times over the course of this trip on Reformation themes. Anyway, I have one last shot to get a grueling ride in, and that’s tomorrow morning, so…we are going to give me enough time to get it done without feeling rushed. Besides, there won’t be a Thursday edition.
We will be continuing the Shabir Ally debate. I was listening this morning to some other debates Sam did against other Islamic apologists on PalTalk, and I must confess…they all made Shabir Ally look very, very good, comparatively. One of his opponents, named Osama, tried to argue that Mohammed is predicted in Isaiah 42. Let’s see if you can find the reference:

Isaiah 42:10-12 10 Sing to the LORD a new song, Sing His praise from the end of the earth! You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it. You islands, and those who dwell on them. 11 Let the wilderness and its cities lift up their voices, The settlements where Kedar inhabits. Let the inhabitants of Sela sing aloud, Let them shout for joy from the tops of the mountains. 12 Let them give glory to the LORD And declare His praise in the coastlands.

Don’t feel badly if you can’t find it—it is so utterly fallacious it is hard to imagine anyone ever thought it up. Isaiah 42:11 refers to Kedar. This Islamic apologist argued that Kedar was one of Ishmael’s sons (Gen. 25:13), and since Jesus only went to Egypt and back to Palestine, then this can’t be about Jesus, it must be about Mohammed! He insultingly said Jesus fled Egypt “like a rat,” seemingly ignorant of the fact that the Lord was an infant at the time. In any case, look at the context and see that there is nothing about the Messiah going to Kedar: the passage is like so many others indicating that the good news of what Yahweh did for Israel would be heralded outside the borders of Israel itself. Such horrific eisegesis demonstrates how vacuous and empty are Islam’s attempts to find Mohammed in the Christian Scriptures.

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