Once again Rich Pierce sits in for James and continues with the question from the last program of “where is your here?” Colossians 3:11 is the baseline text as Rich examines the kinds of “novel” and “interesting” thoughts that many so called conservative evangelicals seem to be so fascinated with. Then he turns to how Critical Theory and Intersectionality are already deeply rooted in respected institutions and churches all around us.

Here is the YouTube link:
Live Video Stream
The Dividing Line is on YouTube video. Our YouTube channel also provides videos of most of the debates that Dr. White has done over the years. Take some time and browse it to see if there is something there of interest to you. If you are looking for the next upcoming show be sure to subscribe to the blog as we post show announcements the morning of the show.

During the program Rich refers to the following recordings. Here are the links.

Carl Ellis at RTS’s Center for the Study of the Bible & Ethnicity

Dr. James Strickland’s interview with the Jude 3 Project


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