D. Wade is woke, so D. Wade cannot help his son navigate the absurdly wild messages of today’s woke culture. So watch the media fawn all over his “powerful message,” which is actually nothing more than a capitulation and surrender to the self-destruction of gender confusion. A true tragedy. Then, did you hear tax cuts are sinful? Yeah, Pope Francis the Marxist says to (I think he should just adopt that name since that is how he will be remembered by history). And yes, that sound you heard recently was Calvin spinning in his grave as the ecumenical caretakers of the building in which he preached allowed the Roman mass to be said therein. And finally, I would like to welcome Dr. Peter Gurry and James Snapp Jr. to my world. Their recent attempt to reason with Dr. Jeffrey Riddle had me sitting back going, “Yup, been pointing that out for years now.” We will spend a good bit of time reviewing. Join us!


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