Today we pressed on listening to Robert Sungenis illustrate “sola ecclesia” to the nth degree.

You will note I mentioned waiting for the FedEx van to show up. Well, it did, just a few minutes after the program. It brought me a package that I knew was coming, but, I did not know, for certain anyway, what it contained. Some of you who have attended my talks over the years have heard me speak on the history of the Greek text. As I go through the early printed editions I mention having seen the 1550 Stephanus text back in the late 90s, and how I informed the collector who had it that he needed to put me in his will so that I would someday have that text. Well, thankfully, that good brother decided not to wait for his homecoming. I have that gorgeous text (it is in INCREDIBLE condition for being 460 years old!) right next to me on my desk. Now to find a way to protect it so that when I speak on that topic in the future I can bring it with me. In any case, it is a tremendous encouragement to have this great monument to the transmission of divine writ down through the ages as a part of the ministry’s resources.

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