Succeeded in finishing my review of the video on the reliability (or, in this case, non-reliability!) of the Bible from the Muslim perspective with Hamza Tzortzis and Adnan Rashid. Then got another twenty minutes or so in continuing by response to Wael Ibrahim from the debate in Hong Kong, and then took the last twelve minutes or so to respond to RonOFS on Twitter regarding Roman Catholicism.

I noted at the start of the program that we need your assistance in arranging two major trips this year, and that talks today made it possible that we will be looking at trying to get to London and Cape Town, South Africa, as soon as May.  That means we need your help!  The travel fund link is available here.  Please consider how you can help us get to these far flung places to encourage the brethren and engage in loving and respectful dialogue that calls all to the cross!  Also please remember the Ministry Resource List as well, found here.

Here is the YouTube link:


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