Did the first Dividing Line in a number of weeks today. I played clips from the debates in Norfolk and responded to the claims made by Sami Zaatari and Shadid Lewis. Also played some clips from the “debate” with Nadir Ahmed. Also announced that starting Thursday we will have a five-day simulcast debate with Steve Gregg on the freedom of God in salvation. Even to this point I still don’t know how it is going to be run. Evidently, Mr. Gregg does not check e-mail nearly as often as I do. So, I just hope it goes smoothly on the technical side. I truly have no time to worry about it, or even to prepare for it. As the banner ad on the main page here indicates, I have a debate with Shaikh Jalal Abualrub on the 12th. What the banner ads don’t tell you is that on the 22nd I will be debating Dr. Michael K. Schutz, Professor of Sociology at CSU East Bay, on the campus there in Hayward, California (San Francisco area, directly across the Bay from the main campus of the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary) on the subject of Gay Marriage. He’s for it, I’m against it. I wonder if I’ll be in the minority? You think? So to say I’m a bit under the gun for the next few weeks is a major understatement. So don’t blame me if halfway through a segment in the Gregg series I start going after him about misunderstanding the Qur’an or something.

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