I just used the “universal” button on the Ministry Resource list to add an external laptop battery. I tested the Eee PC and got nearly 4 hours out of it without using the charger, running Skype and the broadband modem (and running Total Recorder so as to provide a backup audio recording). That’s pretty good, but, I would feel a lot “safer” with more time available, and this battery is small enough, yet powerful enough, to provide another three hours easily.

Started writing this post and realized I had never blogged yesterday’s DL! Let’s see…what did I deal with? Oh yes, Roman Catholicism! Played a Keating clip, then a number of Steve Ray clips, and took calls as well.

I would like any suggestions from my readers as to a small and relatively inexpensive microphone (with the mini jack that would plug directly into the computer) to improve sound quality. I wish I could find the equivalent of the microphone my MacBook Pro uses, as it does a good job picking up the spoken word. If you have experience with something that would be very easy to carry and yet would pick up better than the native microphone in a small unit, please let us know.

I am excited to announce that we have two new opportunities we are working on right now, one with an Imam on the East Coast, one with an LDS scholar for the West Coast (sorry Midwesterners, we were just in Illinois!). Please pray the Lord will open these doors.

I had the painful, painful experience of listening to Dan Barker obliterate a Christian debater while riding this morning. It was the worst thrashing I had heard in all of the study I had done of Barker’s debates. I had found this one right before our own debate, had listened to a few minutes, realized it was nothing more than Dan’s standard opening again, and had not gotten past that point. I listened farther into it today on my ride, and a few times I pondered riding directly into a large telephone pole at full speed just to make the pain stop. I had thought about mentioning the fellow’s name, but have decided against it. Let’s just say that some folks should never, never, never debate. This fellow is one of them. But once again, I know I sound like a broken record (I just realized that phrase dates me a good bit, doesn’t it? Can young folks even “get” that?), but theology matters, and it really, really matters in apologetics. This poor fellow never once caught Dan’s consistent materialism, never once challenged it, and mainly because he clearly does not think presuppositionally. He made reference a few times to Geisler, and threw out a few very weak, a-contextual evidentialist arguments, but in the main it was a Little League game called in the second inning based upon the Mercy Rule (what is that, about twenty unanswered runs or so?). At one point, the person recording it (or someone nearby), booed and said, “You call yourself a debater?” Of course, such behavior cannot be condoned, but I actually understood the man’s frustration. If I had taken the time to actually travel to watch this encounter, I would have been quite disappointed as well.

There is a possibility that I will be debating Dan Barker again in September. I suggested one topic to him last week in Illinois, but I think it might be even better to tackle a topic I have never heard him debate before: “Is Christianity Unique?” Barker actually buys into the Mithras/Osiris/NameYourFavoritePaganGod mythology and says that the Jesus story may be based upon that kind of parallelism. I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate how such thinking, so commonly presented as “scholarship” today, is riddled with gaping holes of logic and fact.

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