Tried to reason with Dr. Joe McGee, the Director of the Consolation Association of the Georgia Baptist Convention, on the phone right before the DL started—mistake!  He chose the “I will just keep talking and accusing you of all sorts of things but thanks for calling because I know you are trying to intimidate me which means I’m really somebody but no I will not let you answer the questions I have asked” route, sadly.  Evidently, in Georgia, if you are a Calvinist, you can be accused, on just a hunch, of anything, and it’s OK.  That Bible stuff about speaking the truth? That’s for others, evidently. After briefly noting that, I replied to this article by Roger Olson (note especially the last paragraph—God can only be what Roger Olsen imagines Him to be), and then finished up the program getting through 15 of the 30 arguments Ahmed Deedat gives “from the Bible” (talk about stretching language!) against the crucifixion.

I note that when I got done I walked back into my office and found I had a voicemail waiting for me from…Joe McGee!  Remember a few weeks ago I read the wild-eyed conspiracy article about how I have an army of minions? Well, seems that meme is actually believed by adults! Someone has a fake Ergun Caner FB page. I haven’t a clue who it is, but, you see, that doesn’t matter, since I’m in charge of everything anyway! And this fellow spammed their FB page, or something, and that must have been done by me…or someone doing my bidding, I guess. So Dr. McGee called to let me know that that is what they are going to be telling folks.  Here is his call.

Here is the YouTube link:


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