This past weekend I saw a tweet about a brother who had gone to the Veritas National Apologetics Conference at the Costa Mesa Calvary Chapel in California. He wore his own version of the Hadith 2425 t-shirt and went to Ergun Caner’s table in the bookstore. The resultant encounter was narrated today on the Dividing Line as he called in and gave us a report on what happened. According to Ergun Caner, if you catch him lying for years on end, making up stories about growing up in Turkey, speaking Arabic, debating Muslims, etc., and you dare to continue to challenge his promotion by Norman Geisler and Veritas Seminary as an “expert” on Islam, you “hate” him and his ministry, and Norman Geisler and his ministry, and you are a “godless pagan.” He won’t answer your question, and he won’t dialogue with you. He will, however, sick the security guys on you. They will then keep an eye on you if you stick around, and eventually ask you if you are “with Alpha and Omega Ministries.” Hardly the actions of a repentant person, to be sure. We were also informed that someone else actually interrupted Caner’s talk and called him a fraud—which, while true, is about the dumbest way you can express that truth. Not only does it damage your credibility, but one thing folks just don’t understand: when you do something like that, you know the other guy will get the last word. And since the people in the audience have no idea what you are babbling about, and lack the background to understand, he will, if he’s smart, spin it to his own advantage, which is what Caner did.

Then we took lots of other calls on lots of topics, letting open phones drive us till about 20 after, so almost a full “jumbo” edition.

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