I was thinking we might be able to get to the topic of the romantic view of the TR held by many TR’s (Truly Reformed folks), but my interaction with Joel McDurmon went the whole hour. I must admit, this particular aspect of “post-debate discussion” is distasteful for me. There are far too many folks who hide behind a keyboard on web forums who would never, ever put themselves on the line to attempt to encourage the Body as a whole who will pour forth a river of digital verbiage about how they would have done things. In any case, I rejoice that at least for some, the conversation has spurred interest in learning about the historical pedigree of the Scriptures. That is vital.

On Thursday I have some clips from Catholic Answers to get to, but I also would like to invite the “Truly Reformed” out there to call the DL and defend their exaltation of the Textus Receptus. Specifically, I would like to ask them to answer the following questions:
1) When did “the church” “received” this text?
2) What council engaged in a study of the respective texts and determined that this is the “one” text that most closely represents the original?
3) Which text IS the “TR”? Can you identify a single text as THE TR? If not, why not?
4) Please explain why I should use the TR’s readings of Luke 2:22, Revelation 16:5, and the final six verses of Revelation.
I look forward to your phone calls!

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