Sorry to have neglected to blog last Thursday’s DL. At the start we mentioned the prayer offered at the Inauguration and its seeking God’s blessing on homosexuality; then I updated folks on the fact that, so far, John Ankerberg has followed the Norman Geisler line: ignore the actual facts of the Caner scandal, in this case, by the ignoring of my open letter, posted last week. Then we started taking calls on such subjects as how to handle an opportunity to bear witness in conversation at a mosque; a call on the Caner debacle, and a few others.

Today on the DL I will be analyzing and responding to the recent discussion of Mormonism held at the Eerdman’s book store between Richard Mouw and Robert Millett. Hearing a noted “evangelical” leader functioning as a full-blown apologist for Mormonism is tremendously troubling. On Thursday David Ould will join us, Lord willing. After our conversation we will be responding to an MSNBC anchor’s comments on the propriety of abortion.

Finally, I’ve added a few items to the Ministry Resource List, here. Your assistance is always appreciated!

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