As of this writing, Mohammad Khan’s YouTube account has been suspended. Thankfully, some of the most important documentation of Ergun Caner’s status as a myth-maker and self-promoter is found elsewhere on YouTube, but I have a feeling those are on “the list” as well. I found out about this live, during the DL today, from Denver. I had been discussing the CT white-washing of the mountain of documentation demonstrating Ergun Caner’s falsehoods when someone posted the news in our chat channel. I pray that the godly men and women at Liberty will find the courage to stand up and do what is right now that their leadership has capitulated to the “circle the wagons” mentality. God have mercy.

Our last caller, an attorney, discussed the Caner situation, but the rest of our calls were on other topics, including how to engage the post-modern culture in evangelism, and a question on resources relating to Reformed theology.

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