UPDATE! Well, the censors at YouTube finally caught up with us and deleted this program. A few months ago we mirrored all our content to odysee.com, and you can find the link below for that mirrored episode. Now, assuming YouTube does not care about a discussion of “the truth value of subjunctive conditionals that constitute the essence of Middle Knowledge,” it was the far-reaching discussion of vaccine mandates, the Rittenhouse verdict, etc., that finally caused the bots, or some 20-something kid who couldn’t defend his actions if his life depended on it, to bounce the program. Of course, we were “warned” that should we violate their standards again (i.e., continue to speak the truth), we will no longer be able to stream. We have expected this for quite some time, of course, but it is satisfying to know that once they moved against us it was because they well know they cannot refute what was being said. Make sure to download the A&O app, and the Sermon Audio app, so you can keep up once they drop the final hammer and get rid of us.

First half hour was on how lies, when they are repeated, take on a life of their own, and destroy everything that is good. Then we listened to William Lane Craig debating Paul Helm and keyed in on the central issue of Molinism, the fact that subjunctive conditionals exist and they do so outside of God’s control. And today we got into more of a theological aspect of seeing how Molinism engages other elements of theology (such as sin, regeneration, etc.).

While we try to figure out why Chrome hates the new embed that we are using here is the new link to the video version of the show.


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