We went for two hours today as I interacted with portions of the first thirty minutes of Dr. Mike Riccardi’s presentation at the Shepherd’s Conference on the Trinity. Many had concluded that I was the target of much of the opening comments in that presentation, so I felt it proper to interact with it and raise the key issues that need to be discussed. Then I quickly went through comments made by a PRTS student, Derrick Brite, in which he made all sorts of accusations that are simply dishonest and untrue. Unfortunately, when I tried to save the comments I missed a number of the tweets which made things a bit hectic, but we got to the gist of the assertions. In any case, our DL truckers will enjoy this one as it went pretty long! Hopefully this will allow many to evaluate the claims people are making about what I have said and why I am pursuing the conversation. At least for those who have ears to hear!

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