Remember that poem, Alexander’s No Good Very Bad Day? I memorized it when I was a kid. Well, today was Rich’s No Good, Very Bad Day behind the control board. We had fun. Oh well, we aren’t pretentious enough to worry about not getting the break started, or having the end of the program go late because the computer’s clock was off by five minutes for some reason. Hardly matters. Instead, today we continued listening for the first half of the program to the Barry Lynn interview of John Shelby Spong, commenting as we went along. Then after the break-that-didn’t-want-to-break, I continued with Mr. Martignoni, Roman Catholic apologist. But intead of jumping right back into his comments on “once saved, always saved,” I started with a clip from a recent Catholic Answers program where he argues for the Bodily Assumption of Mary. Then we went back to the CD that had been sent to us by Mr. J. Lee with the promise that the contents would “eat your lunch.” So far, I have not missed a single lunch. But maybe later.

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