Another Jumbo edition of the DL today.  YouTube had some problems, so I understand the video is missing a few minutes.  Started, as I had to, with the Brandon Eich debacle and how it exposes the totalitarianism and hypocrisy of the left as a whole and the pro-homosexual movement in particular.  Uber-rights indeed!  But that’s not enough for these people!  Just amazing.  Then, difficult as it was, transitioned into reviewing the talk Tony Palmer gave before showing Francis’ video for the Word Faithers, a classic example of true “Jesuitical” thinking and deception if I’ve ever seen it.  Finally, finished up the Ahmed Deedat clip with one of the most amazing accusations a Muslim has ever made, wherein Deedat twists Romans 1 into an argument that if you worship Jesus, God will turn you into a homosexual! You have to see it to believe it. Then we took some good calls for the last 25 minutes of the program or so.


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