AOMin finally took the leap and switched over to streaming in MP3 format! Which also means that Dr. White begins the episode by being distracted and talking about the fancy new technology.

Moving along, Dr. White transitions to a discussion of Rick Santorum’s comments regarding a Texas sodomy law. Senator Santorum made the remark that it is “If it is not in the interest of the government to regular consensual [homosexual] sex between adults, then the government has no business regulating polygamy, bigamy, or anything else that goes on in the home.”

This leads into a discussion of how difficult it is to get people to engage in dialogue based upon truth, rather than feelings and offense.

Open Phones:

Caller 1: Did the Father separate himself from Jesus during the crucifixion?
Caller 2: Grew up LDS, but went off to college and converted to Christianity. The caller asked how to best handle the situation when he goes back home for the summer from college.

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