Due to summer time scheduling issues, tomorrow’s Dividing Line will again have to be at the normal Thursday time of 4pm MST/PDT, 7pm EDT. This would be a great time for all those folks on Jimmy Akin’s blog, who seem to know so much about me, like “Shane,” to give me a ring so we can talk about stuff. It is so odd that folks will accuse me of being “brave behind the keyboard” when I host a program twice a week with a toll free number, and when I challenge them to put feet to their accusations, well, all of a sudden they are so very busy whenever the DL is on, they just can’t pick up that phone! I would love to respond to the accusations of “cheap debating tricks” that Shane and others have posted, given that the litany of cheap debating tricks used by Roman Catholic apologists over the years that I could list, and document, is long indeed. I especially liked the one about how I allegedly try to make Roman Catholic apologists look bad by pronouncing Greek words differently than they do. I had not heard that one before. Anyway, the DL will be live, the phone lines open.
   Also, tomorrow is the 20th, and as you may have seen, that was the day I requested a final response from the Caners on why Dr. O’Donnell, the head of the debate program at Liberty University, has refused to respond to any correspondence from the opposing side. Obviously, if you will not even show the kindness of responding to requests for information, you cannot function as the moderator, since you are, again, obviously biased toward one side. Hence, unless I have an e-mail explaining this situation tomorrow, we will be discussing our need to obtain a fair, unbiased moderator, which again opens up the subject of agreeing to a meaningful debate format that allows for the very kind of biblically-based interaction that the audience so clearly wants to see and experience.

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