Given I had the privilege to dialogue with NT Wright on his views of justification this morning on Unbelievable with Justin Brierley (I know Justin had to do very, very little talking on today’s program, right Justin?), I started explaining Wright’s position through reading selected portions of his 2011 JETS article. I did not finish the task (there is much to explain!), and will continue it next week, on either Monday or Tuesday, depending on the…weather. Yes, I have to try to catch up on my prep for the Southern Evangelical Seminary debates this weekend (as well as lectures there and at RTS), and the best way for me to do that is…to ride! So, with a weather system moving in I may need to shift the time around a bit to avoid riding in the rain (I really detest that—I live in the desert for a reason) but in any case, either Monday or Tuesday we will return to the topic to finish it up. It is a vitally important issue and struggling with Wright’s views can only clarify and solidify our own understanding of the topic.

And don’t forget the WayBack Machine, streaming Dividing Lines from 1998 onward 24/7! You can listen on the Flash Player found here.

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