Even a Sensa Cloud Nine pen could not keep my poor right hand from getting just a tad upset with me as I ploughed through all but the last 40 books that need to be signed. We managed to get 54 out the first day. I’ll get the rest done tomorrow before the DL, I hope, anyway. Also, on the DL today….I will be doing what I suggested below: reading through Ignatius’ letter to the Smyrnaeans. Now, I know, some of you might yawn at such a thought. That’s fine. When you’ve seen as many starry-eyed converts to Romanism cite that letter as if Ignatius was a post-Trentian believer in transubstantiation as I have, you’ll see the importance. Besides, where on the net will you ever hear such a discussion except on the DL? So gird up thy loins and join us. Now, for the ultra-Geeky (and ultra-Greeky), the Greek text is on line here. But for those who want the plain ol’ English version, here is what you need. Fire up your browser, get the text, and join us on the DL today at 11AM MST.

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