Hi-energy program today, I guess because I’m excited to be home for the next two months. Had a great time the past two weekends in St. Louis and Tampa, and wouldn’t trade that for anything, but I’m a home-body, and to be able to settle into a routine for eight full weeks is glorious! Think of all the miles I’ll get in (on my bike instead of a pressurized metal cylinder)! All the blog articles I can write! I even get to get a book outlined, an article for the CRI Journal written…ah, it’s wonderful!
Today I yammered away a good bit about a number of things, but mainly covered what happened this weekend, then gave a brief response to Nadir Ahmed and his demand to have “equal time” or he will not call in, and then we took two great calls, one on presuppositional apologetics, one on Calvin and Luther (though I only had a few moments to address the second one). Here’s the program.

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