We didn’t let a little thing like 5,281 miles get in the way of doing the DL today. With the help of Skype (which seems to keep improving in quality), my MacBook Pro, a really decent Internet connection here in London, Rich’s work back at the office, and our faithful King of All Things Internet in Texas (we had server problems before the program began), we managed to put together an hour long examination of a “Reasonable Faith” podcast where William Lane Craig answered the question, “What About Catholicism?” He even enunciated the “Mere Christianity” viewpoint clearly, so I hope the discussion will be useful to folks. I think this is a major issue today, one ignored by most, despite its importance.

I hope to do another DL next week, though it may have to be on Wednesday rather than one of our regular DL days, depending on my schedule. We might be able to do Tuesday at the regular Thursday time as well, we will see.

Once again, thanks for all who have donated to help cover the costs of this trip. We still need your help in that area. I noted above the good Internet connection I used to do the DL today: $85 for seven days worth (costs are high in London). Your help is greatly appreciated.

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