Answered an e-mail question regarding New Testament textual variants and the comparison to the Qur’an, then took phone calls on various subjects from infra/supralapsarianism to baptismal regeneration. Then David from New Mexico called and filled us in on the Pravda, err, Veritas Seminary apologetics conference in Albuquerque this past weekend, where Ergun Caner spoke with armed police standing by. Could there have been a credible threat? Sure, I guess…except that the police left as soon as he was done, and were not there beforehand, so, the “threat” would have to be directed against Caner alone. Furthermore, we have all gone through the stories of his allegedly being targeted in the past, and after a while, well, you can only cry “wolf” so many times. It is far more probable that this was a reaction to the events in Costa Mesa, and arise from an irrational fear of folks who want to ask questions like, “Dr. Caner, given your defenses of your falsehoods still being promoted by the main person associated with Veritas Seminary, Norman Geisler, could you please identify Hadith 2425 and tell us how it is relevant to the Qur’an?” We can’t have THAT happening! Only “godless pagans” would ask such questions! Just believe what we tell you and all will be fine! David mentioned that the presentation was short, surface-level, and disappointing, from a serious apologetic standpoint. Anyway, an interesting report with which to end today’s program.

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