Pulled the trigger on our new studio today and it went pretty well! Glad to have a few folks here to help us get through the first run without too many hiccups. I was able to use our Flip board and work through the text of the two key passages, make some application, and then move on to a discussion of masks in light of Romans 13, etc. Then briefly, toward the end (we went about 90 minutes), I discussed the hit-piece posted against Pastor Tom Buck regarding the Jezebel/Kamala Harris issue. We hope to do another program tomorrow, though I am not sure it will be a Studio edition, but we will see!

Be watching for a series of blog articles on the subject of Romans 13 and the spheres of authority of the church and state starting today. I promised to provide the link to the sermon from Sunday night at Apologia Church on this same text, which can be found here. Also, I joined the crew at Ezra Institute and discussed many of these same topics with them, and that podcast is now available here.

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