Rich just informed me that I forgot to give the link to last Thursday’s DL. My apologies. Here she is.
   Today on the DL I basically provided an hour long lecture/discussion of key issues related to Islam and the debate with Shabir Ally. Specifically, Mr. Ally has been writing on two of the topics of the debate, the issue of ibn Mas’ud’s response to the Uthmanic revision of the text of the Qur’an (and whether he was, in fact, whipped/beaten or not) and my giving the wrong reference to the citation I quickly read during the cross-ex portion (I provide the proper source on the program today), and the Mark 13/Matthew 24 issue of whether Matthew is trying to “exalt” Jesus by changing Mark’s text and calling Jesus “Lord.” Got into a lot of background information as well during the course of the program, so you might want to have something to take notes on as there is a fair amount of information contained in this one. Here’s the program.

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