Pat Robertsons’ alleged “bigotry” on Muslim Immigration to USA.

Islam protected under political correctness.
James White explains his “gizmo”, the Handspring Visor with 8 megabytes of RAM and an add-on card with 64 megabytes of extra space for books, dictionaries, commentaries and the NA27. Spoke about Laridian, Bible Reader, PGreek, Tealdoc with Hebrew+ Support and Wordsmith.

Call in question about the rapid growth of Islam in the USA.

Played sound clips of Dave Hunt regarding Calvinism within 5 months of eachother.

A Brief discussion of the future of Mormonism.

Call in on the Triune activity of Regeneration and John 6:37-65 in comparison to Jehovah’s Wintnesses’ and Mormons’ defective view of sovereignty and anthropology.
A subjectivist view of truth vs. Sola Scriptura and Ephesians 1:11

Call in question on 1 Thessalonians 5:23 dichotemy or a trichomety in the nature of man

Finally, Marty Luther and the Protesters singing “I am the Great Reformer” (Christopher Arneson)

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