Far too many people are adjusting to the current schedule of the DL, so we must change things around to keep you confused! Of course, the upcoming time change will do that on its own, I suppose (well, we don’t play with our clocks here, as you know…but most of the rest of you do). Seriously, we need to change tomorrow’s DL time to the normal Thursday time, that is, move it to the afternoon slot at 4pm MST (for the time challenged, that’s 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT, and those in between can figure it out for themselves).
   Also, just a quick note to say I enjoyed my brief trip to Toronto, hope the saints were blessed, enjoyed briefly meeting Derek Thomas and Bruce Waltke, had a great time with all the folks from channel who showed up for the conference, and I’m now trying desperately to make progress on absolutely drop-dead, “must be done NOW” projects. For that reason I have not even fired up the Catholic Answers forums, Envoy, and am not even looking carefully at my blog feeds, since I just don’t have time to be distracted. Besides, I’ve noticed a trend over the years: if you keep responding in a context like last week the quality of what comes back at you drops precipitously. Unless you just shut it down and let the wild-eyed folks find some new target for their venom, it will only get worse. I’ve had a few Roman Catholics contact me and apologize for their compatriots, and I do appreciate that. In my experience for every one Mitch Pacwa there are a dozen Vinney Lewis/Art Sippo types. You have to respond to both, and it can be a challenging task.

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