I am collecting “The Worst of the Worst.” And I am going to start responding to them tomorrow in a special DL that will go an extra 15 minutes as well (we can cram that onto a single CD). Worst of what? The Worst of Anti-Calvinism. I was handed a stack of tapes this past week, and made the mistake of starting to listen to them.

So, since I head to England on Wednesday, I will try to get two DL’s in this week, but tomorrow’s will be special: no calls, all reply to Pastor Danny O’Guinn of the Tower Grove Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri. He preached a sermon titled, as far as I can tell, “The Five Points of Calvinism Exposed & Exploded.” I would dearly like to know when this sermon was preached for a reason I will explain in my response (if anyone knows, please let me know). This one definitely ranks right up there with the “worst of the worst,” for reasons I will note. So, listen in today, Monday, March 14th, 1pm EST, 10am PST, for “Radio Free Geneva: Replying to the Worst of the Worst in Anti-Calvinism.”

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