We continue our review of Jack Graham’s straw-man filled, horrifically inaccurate, Dave Hunt-inspired attack upon Reformed theology today on the Dividing Line. We should have time to get to his gross misrepresentations of irresistible grace as well as his mis-citation of Matthew 23:37 (yes, same altered rendering that is so common amongst those blinded by tradition). You even get to hear him apply Romans 12:4, which is so clearly and plainly in reference to the church, to every single human being on the planet, followed almost immediately by the assertion that Calvinism teaches that men can come to Christ in true repentance and faith and be turned away. It is truly sad to listen to a leader of so many using such low standards of truth and accuracy as he touches upon the gospel itself. The incoherence of Arminianism is again on full display as we listen to the rest of this sermon, one of the “worst of the worst.” Be listening today at 7pm EDT!

: We have been trying to get a meaningful network system working, and so far have found it to be a…challenging experience. Minutes before the program was to start the patched up setup we had put together died and died hard. As I hate doing “deadcasts” (just recording, no phone calls), we are going to hope to do this tomorrow, same time, Lord willing.

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