Today on the Dividing Line I concluded my review of one of the “worst of the worst,” the anti-Calvinism sermon of Dr. Danny O’Guinn of Tower Grove Baptist Church in St. Louis. Today we heard Dr. O’Guinn repeat the now infamous “Spurgeon denied limited atonement” section of Spurgeon’s sermon defending limited atonement. It is a classic example of “borrow a citation from someone in a secondary source and don’t bother to look it up despite Spurgeon’s many statements in support of and in defense of limited atonement and hence completely embarrass yourself in the process” argumentation. And given the context in which it is presented, it is just as bad as Hunt’s error. You can find the original citation and discussion of Hunt’s error here, and if you follow along there as O’Guinn cites it, you will see he was copying from the same errant source as Hunt (probably from Fisk). I have sent this information to Dr. O’Guinn, but have not, to my knowledge, heard back from him. Here’s the program.

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