I returned from Detroit to find the 3rd edition of Chosen But Free waiting for me. I have only had limited time to look over it, but I’ve seen enough to want to review it tomorrow on the DL, and that means…Radio Free Geneva! Join us at 11am to find out about what happened to the horrible Gail Riplingeresque appendix responding to The Potter’s Freedom (it has disappeared without notification or comment–ironic, given how much Ergun Caner depended on that very appendix back in 2005/2006 in attacking TPF), and also to discover that “moderate Calvinism” has been replaced with the wonderfully fair and helpful new phrase, “the Balanced View” (BV). Yes, friends, evangelical synergism is now the “balanced view.” Also, “extreme Calvinism” has become “the extreme sovereignty view” (if that doesn’t strike you as odd, think for a moment—what is “moderate sovereignty”?). And though my name appears nowhere in the index, nor does The Potter’s Freedom appear in the bibliography (!), there are a small handful of citations, and a couple of attempted responses. Tune in to hear the “new” argumentation on Matthew 23:37! So join us for a Radio Free Geneva tomorrow on the Dividing Line!

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