It was great to get back to the Dividing Line today. Started off with great news about next year’s cruise, October 15-19, and the class we will be presenting on the cruise, The Cross: Historicity and Theology. See the link to the right for details, but whatever you do, don’t miss this one! We’ve designed this one to be affordable and attractive to everyone, but in particular, those who really want an intense period of theological training and challenge! Keep an eye on the blog for more information as it becomes available, and, consider seriously giving this cruise (inside cabins start at only $250/person!) to someone you love, maybe even one of your elders who could use some time away in the Inside Passage on the glorious Mercury (my all-time favorite ship).
   I then moved into a review of the Spong debate, playing a section from the cross-ex (well, what was supposed to be cross-examination, but was more generally “White asks a question, Spong talks for a long time on other issues”), from the audience questions (“I keep hearing judgment and guilt!”), and then I closed the program with my closing statement from the debate itself. I will let you know when the mp3’s are ready, the DVD’s, etc.

Also, I believe we will start offering Pulpit Crimes later today, too. We did not do so earlier simply so that Solid Ground and the folks supporting the conference would not be undercut by our offering it ourselves. But now that the book is out, we will have it available as well. Be watching for an entire Pulpit Crimes package which will include the book, Spong debate, and all the conference presentations as well! Another great item to give to loved ones during the holiday season, which, in case you haven’t noticed, has snuck up on us once again! Included in that conference was the review of comments made by Ergun and Emir Caner in their respective anti-Calvinism sermons, offered by yours truly and Tom Ascol. Oh, please note that Tom wore a tie and in fact, he wore a Rush tie! I have the same tie in an equally bright color combination, but it was nowhere near Orlando, so Tom won the bright tie competition (though I think I won the bright jacket competition).

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