Rob Bell appeared on Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable broadcast this past weekend. The first two thirds of the program were unremarkable, but finally they got to asking serious questions of Bell, who did not handle the encounter very well. Aside from needing to download a profanity beep sound (Bell got a little “edgy” when he started pretending to be a victim), I was truly offended by his non-answers joined with his wonderfully post-modern mindset. Together with his throwing out shallow excuses for his position (remember the video below that I posted a while back? Nothing much has changed), Bell then had the audacity to play the victim card, and complain about how people hate the church because, evidently, people who care about truth ask Rob Bell serious questions for which he evidently doesn’t have the first clue as to a response. Just unreal. Anyway, had just enough time at the end to play a call to Catholic Answers Live about yours truly. Here’s the program.

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