Started off with the great video that came out today, “The Essence of James White,” a wonderfully done little lark from the joke Justin Brierley made during the William Lane Craig discussion. Then we went with all that stuff that you can’t talk about on YouTube, if you know what I mean: you know, the failed vaccines and the Omicron scare, etc. Then we shifted to theology and talked a bit about the discussion on divine simplicity, the role of natural theology, etc., going on in conservative Reformed circles right now. Then we looked at Tim Stratton’s “EDD” argument, the idea that if you believe in “Exhaustive Divine Determinism” then you are left with “a god of deceit” who forces you to believe wrong things and therefore you can never know when you believe true things. We compared this silly philosophical trick with the Biblical perspective. Went just over 90 minutes today!


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