Wide ranging DL today. Started off with a clip from Bishop Spong on the nature of the “church” being in “exile” which provides an excellent insight into his deeply secular worldview. Then I moved into explaining why we need your support not in Lynchburg but in Orlando in reference to the Caner saga. Mike O’Fallon mentioned in channel that we could possibly move our schedule around a bit in Orlando to allow for Tom and I to do a two-man presentation/discussion on the Caner debate, assuming, of course, we can get the Caners to start treating us like human beings and actually work with us to set up a meaningful debate with a format and topic that make at least some sense. The point being that even those who are all fired up to go to Lynchburg would get more direct access to the debaters in Orlando at the Pulpit Crimes conference and be able to ask questions than they could ever have trying to squeeze in to the debate itself. Then we took calls the rest of the hour. I never got to the Roger Olson article I wanted to review, nor the clips from Paige Patterson from the SBC, but there is always Thursday! Here’s the program.

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