Despite having a new phone system installed, we managed to put together a really educational and useful program today without any major problems at all. I replied to an e-mail from a convert to Catholicism over the course of the first half hour, and started reviewing a recent Catholic Answers Live program where, once again, no effort was extended to accurately represent the non-Catholic position and the same surface-level, tired, worn-out, and oft-refuted arguments were presented. In responding to the e-mail I had read a post on the Envoy web board, and the author called in. We spoke for a full half an hour. This is the kind of conversation that drives certain folks nuts. It was focused, friendly, without rancor. But, it was not fluffy. Nobody was playing fast and loose with the truth. We just discussed important issues honestly. Since that took us past our normal time, we went long to get a chance to speak with a brother from Georgia about Matthew 16:18 thereafter. Definitely a program to listen to if you are interested in the Roman Catholic field of study and apologetics.

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