Since I am in Cedar City, Utah, I started off the program with a discussion of the decline of Mormonism, its reasons, and how we need to be praying to be used of God to bring light to the darkness. Then I had to dive into some of the amazing things being claimed, asserted, and just plain lied about regarding the rise of this new form of “Reformed Thomistic Scholasticism” in our day. Responded to Richard Barcellos’ accusation that when we submit scholastic terminology and frameworks to biblical analysis and standards we are engaging in “self-poping popery.” Yes, that’s a direct quote. Also went back to John 17:5 to see if τῇ δόξῃ ᾗ εἶχον still means “the glory which I had with you” or whether somehow it had become “the glory predestined to be given to my human nature.” I also promised to link to Augustine’s interpretation of John 17:5. See here. In opposition, see Calvin, A.T. Robertson, Matthew Henry, and many others.

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