We have the opportunity to partner with ABN (www.abnsat.com) to provide a bi-weekly primetime television version of the Dividing Line hosted by yours truly. Many of you have enjoyed my appearances on ABN, and now in talking with Dr. Gorial, the head of ABN, he has asked if I would be willing to fly to Detroit regularly to host my own program. We would do a live broadcast and then record broadcasts at the same time for future airing (so I would only be flying to Detroit every other month). Yes, I know it would be a time commitment, but I am willing to do it if the people of God who support us make it possible. For the first year I would estimate that the flights, hotel, rental car, etc., would cost right at $5,000.00. We are putting this opportunity forward to our readers and supporters and will only pursue it if God’s people indicate their support for it. Please pray that the Lord’s purpose will be made clear to us. If you would like to donate toward this work, a link is provided below.

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