I played portions of the Today Show interview and the Larry King program from last night and gave an overview of the many problems in the Tomb of Jesus story today on the DL. If you know folks who are more likely to listen to something than read something, today’s program might help. Of course, this is all preliminary. I just obtained the book and will be taking it with me to Massachusetts this weekend. Flipping through it I saw passing references to the Gospel of Thomas, so I can guess what we are up against there as well.

In any case, Jeff Downs has put together a list of resources here. Jeff is a dear brother in the Lord. He has been a great help to me, he’s one of the best data-miners around (almost as good as our own UberLibrarian, Marie Peterson!), so drop him a line of encouragement and thanks if you have time.
I likewise announced my intention to write an entire book, From Toronto to Emmaus, coming out, Lord willing, in as brief a time as humanly possible, with Solid Ground Christian books. Please pray for us as we “clear the decks” and invest pretty much every waking hour in this provision of an apologetic, sound, fair, accurate response to this attack upon the very heart of the Christian faith.

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