Today I began with a brief discussion of the Virginia Tech massacre and then transitioned into more of the Ally/Licona debate, then took a call on Markan priority.

Also! On the DL for Thursday….
A Radio Free Geneva Episode! Surely, Jerry Falwell’s comments from a few days ago are not worthy of an entire RFG edition, but there is more. Over the past few years I have received a number of e-mails saying I should debate one Steve Gregg of The Narrow Path. So I recently took the time to download his materials on Calvinism, and have been listening to them (more than nine hours of lectures). I’m into the fifth of the lectures now, and I finally popped. The comments offered on John 6:37 almost got me to comment on them on today’s DL, but I refrained. But today I listened to one of the most amazing assertions I had ever heard about Romans 9, and that was it. I will play it on the program Thursday along with the John 6:37 discussion. So be listening for a special Radio Free Geneva!

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